X06 HS03

Tiltrotator 3-6 ton

Een Steelwrist tiltrotator voor de compacte graafmachines
Steelwrist small tiltrotators are developed with a focus on flexibility, building height and low weight that is so important for compact excavators. With a Lehnhoff bottom the tiltrotator can be direct fitted or used with a sandwich Lehnhoff top.

With a steel casted structure, the weight can be reduced while strength is maximized. All you need to facilitate your work. Gear housing, bottom and top in solid cast steel, hardened shafts and piston rods, gripper cassette that can be retrofitted and and central lubrication as option. Delivered with control systems that fit your excavator regardless if you need a two of four hose solution.

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Machine klasse
3-6 ton